Dippity Dos

Whoa!  Is March almost gone?  What happened?

Spring is basically here!

If your wedding is coming up in April, May or June, it’s a great idea to get in a couple of dance lessons for some lead and follow pointers, pretty twirls and yes…

some practice on that all important final move – THE DIP at the end of your wedding dance!

Some dip dos and dip don’ts:

* Do get some professional help with your dip! 

We all sort of know how to dip by osmosis.  After all who hasn’t dipped or been dipped in the heat of the moment during a fun song with a bunch of friends and shall we say, a few spirits.

It’s not a good idea to rely on your “instinctual dipping ability” when dipping your lovely bride in her gorgeous gown, with just the two of you on the dance floor, in front of loads of people on such an important day of days!

No one wants to create an Instagram or SnapChat sensation of sheer terror or possible peril of outfit or limb.

* Do let your dance teacher know if you have any physical or outfit limitations for dipping.

I always inquire of my “dippees” (is that even a word?) if it’s ok to dip them at the level that their dipper is dipping them at?!

Should we keep the dip modest due to a possible equipment failure?  Is the dippee worried about going “too low” and falling with her high heels on?

Also should we watch which side we do the dip on for the dipper due to an injury or left or right side strength preference?

Remember, your dance teacher doesn’t know about your outfit limitations or your recent bike mishap unless you share!


For dip and dance help, contact me through text at 619.871.0241 or email at Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com

Who knows, after some dipping pointers you might just feel empowered to practice dipping at your friend’s wedding coming up right before yours.

Happy Spring! Jillian

My Paddy's Day Piggies!

My Paddy’s Day Piggies!

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