Dancing in the Fall

Is the weather getting cooler or am I just wishful thinking, haha?

If you’re thinking cooler weather and wedding coming up in the Fall, then it’s time to get those dance lessons on your busy to-do list for the final count down!

Whether you’re planning on a simple slow dance with some twirls or dips or you and your love really want to knock the socks off of your guests with a real “wow-weeee” – a few dance lessons can really help out.

I’ve had hundreds of couples come to me for just two lessons and learn lead and follow, twirl techniques, a “get across the floor step” and a dip for maximum return on The Big Day.

Let’s face it, you both will be out there all alone aaaaand who even does this type of dancing that much these days?

Ease your mind about the whole first dance thing and contact me right away.  My partner and I can teach you in the privacy of your own home or I also work out of a lovely ballroom off of El Cajon Blvd.

Either way it’s fun to learn a new skill together and dancing is one you can literally take anywhere you go.

Perhaps a romantic honeymoon dance by moonlight…

A  twirl or two at your best friend’s wedding…

Date night out to move to your fav band…

I can be reached at: 619.871.0241

Can’t wait to hear what song you’ve chosen and get started on the dance of your wedding day dreams :))

xxoo Jillian

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Let's Dance!

Let’s Dance!

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