Why Wedding Dance Lessons

Good question!

So many of my couples say they came to at the very last minute about their dance and suddenly realized, Wait – we need a dance?

Others say they were thinking about it at first but then with all the planning and craziness it just fell off the list.

Then some say they’ve seen a couple of their friend’s wedding dances and they were cheesy or overdone and their wedding is so not.

First off I think anyone who even sets foot in a dance studio during their wedding preps is super great!

What with all the DIY and family stuff going on, just carving out a couple of hours to dance can be a challenge and a half.

Second, a wedding dance needs a song and that can be a time consuming project to find one that meets all the criteria you may have for The Song.

(While I don’t tell my couples what song to choose since it’s their special song and day, if you’re wondering what dance you can do to a certain song text me at 619.871.0241 and I can give you some feedback!)

To help out I make the experience as “painless as possible” by working on tips for lead and follow and simple but strong steps to guarantee maximum impact for minimum time.

I video the steps and technique we work on at each lesson at the end of each lesson so you can review with a visual outside of your time with me.

We concentrate on just what you need to highlight your wedding dance song and your special relationship with each other.

Most of my couples want simple steps that they can do successfully in the wedding clothes that will be Instagram fun to look at later.

With wedding dance lessons you get the confidence you need to do your first dance with more skill and fun than just “winging it” on the day of.

I have a two lesson special which is 2 hours for $149/couple and I teach out of Starlight on El Cajon Blvd.

Text me or call me at 619.871.0241 to get started today!

Happy Spring! ~ Jillian

Stretching out!

Stretching out!






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