Who Me? Who You?

Who needs to take wedding dance lessons?

A lot of times my couples will ask me this question.

My answer is – everyone! – of course.

Naturally I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of brides and grooms come in to perfect their dancing together to their special song.

But who else?

Well, moms and dads for one.

These days more and more moms and dads are being asked onto the dance floor to help open up the dancing.

Moms and dads can really benefit from some quick lead and follow tips and a some cool moves to keep them feeling fun and comfortable on the big day.

Often my mom and dad students tell me that dancing is something they’ve been meaning to do but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

It’s just great to look out on the dance floor during our lesson and see the sparkle in their eyes as they dance to a favorite song.

For another… brothers and sisters.

Many of my brides and grooms have a sibling or two along on their dance lessons especially it mom or dad is there to take a few, too.

It isn’t long before mom’s got brother up dancing with her and dad is twirling sister a time or two.

Several of my brides and grooms have even said they’re definitely going to have a dance with their siblings for old time’s sake.

I’ve noticed that most siblings love to be involved with the dancing and learning some cool things to do the day of.

A third – the wedding party.

It isn’t uncommon these days for the wedding party, with or without the bride and groom, to perform an ensemble dance to an upbeat song meaningful to the bride and groom.

The whole group will show up for a lesson or two and learn some simple formations and steps to do together for maximum audience entertainment.

I’ve choreographed group dances for all types of groups from silly to sassy to serious to sensational and the results were definitely Instagram material!

Finally a fourth would be anyone who is super special to the bride and groom like a grandparent or friend of the family that will be dancing with the bride or groom on the big day.

Grandparents are often great dancers pulling steps and choreography from their “salad days” out of their back pockets when the music starts to play.

My brides, especially, often ask me how they can dance with these special guests and we go over lead and follow so they can follow along with “whatever is being lead” with confidence and ease.

A friend of the family might be an amateur ballroom dancer or the hustle king or queen and it’s so helpful to go over a few tips and tricks so everyone can enjoy dancing during the reception.


Contact me today to schedule the special people in your life for a dance lesson or two.  I can be reached through phone or text at 619.871.0241 or email me at Jillian@OurWeddingDance.com

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Happy almost Summer,


Happy Almost Summer!

Happy Almost Summer!

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