So you’re getting married… and it’s going to be the most wonderful day of your life!  You’ve got the perfect spouse, the perfect location, the perfect dress… now what about that perfect first dance???

I’m Jillian and I’d like to invite you to come and learn steps and choreography for your first wedding dance with me.

In the many years I’ve been specializing in teaching wedding couples, in fact I was one of the first instructors in Orange County to concentrate on wedding couples back in the early 2000s, I’ve choreographed all types of dances from frisky foxtrots to romantic rumbas to sexy sambas and wistful waltzes!

My couples have been fitness instructors, teachers, doctors, sports coaches, attorneys, entrepreneurs, accountants, students, nurses, firemen, policemen and women, the center for the Olympic water polo team, the fastest woman on a motorcycle, corporate executives, real estate lenders, airline pilots, construction workers and moms and dads.

I’ve taught couples whose combined ages were less than my own and couples on their second, third and even fourth marriages!

I’ve had students come to me from all over the United States and Mexico as well as Canada, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Phillipines, India, Korea, Brazil, Australia, France, Ireland, and England to name just a few.

The common thread???

They all wanted to learn how to dance a beautiful first dance with their true love for their big day.  So come and learn a skill you can use your whole life long and make that First Dance video truly a keeper!

I look forward to meeting you, Jillian :-)



Dance with Jillian!

Dance with Jillian!

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