What a wonderful experience we had with Jillian! We had not planned on taking lessons until we went to a wedding and saw how bad the couple did and decided we couldn't do that to our guests or us! We called Jillian 2 weeks before the wedding and we had time to take 4 lessons and what a delight she is and what fun we had.

We took in 2 songs to her, one thinking would be too much with such little time and the other a simple song. She came up with such great ideas and put everything together for us and making it look so easy to the more difficult song. She even put our "moves" on paper so that we could practice at home. Jillian made it so easy to work with our busy schedules and was so flexible.

We received so many compliments from our guests and our DJ of how much fun it was to watch us and how well we did and believe me, my husband has two left feet. People are STILL talking about our first dance! If you are thinking of taking lessons and debating of putting the money aside, you will be wonderfully surprised and how much fun you will have. What a great way to take your mind off of the wedding plans if just for an hour to spend with each other and remember why you are getting married. Yvette and Glenn

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding: March 14th 2009

Song: "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble

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